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Rules & Regulations

Most rules will follow the 2005-2006 Hockey Canada Official Playing Rules with some exceptions below:

  • playing format is 3 players + a goalie
  • maximum of 7 players on a roster (youth)
  • maximum of 10 players on a roster (adult)
  • All players must be registered ahead of time
  • After a short warm up there will be a 25 minute game with a brief break in the middle 
  • Style of play if free flowing with only a faceoff at the start of each half
  • All equipment must be supplied by the players/teams
  • Goalies must wear full street hockey gear and we recommend that ice hockey gear be used
  • All players must wear hockey or lacrosse gloves
  • No sticks with cracks or sharp edges can be used
  • Suggested equipment to wear includes elbow pads, shin pads, jock/jill strap
  • Youth division players must wear Ice Hockey approved helmet with full mask
  • Teams must have matching jerseys or shirts plus a back-up set 
  • Schedule will be released 3 days before the event


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